Snark co. ,Ltd is a CG art outsourcing studio which is located in Chengdu city. We are specialists in
outsourcing the digital entertainment production services for the game and movie industries. We
have abundant experience in outsourcing service management, animation productions and game
productions. We can provide professional services of Game Art Outsourcing. Our studio has already
received public praise in the industry. Snark aims to provide more and better high-end CG production.
We also have a good price quality ratio. Our outsource production service is globalized, besides domestic
projects, we had also service for the United States, Canada, Germany and Japan company

Snark will always be your best choice!


We make every effort to ensure our customers get what they need: the best art quality, the shortest 
development time and the lowest development costs. We use the most effective tools and service 
processes to achieve this. Also, we have the legal means to ensure reliable protection for our clients, 
who provide their intellectual property rights to us.


Team Snark is a collective of many elite industry artists, with a rich experience in 3A game art production. 
It is a close-knit, reliable and honest team, who will strive to excel at their work.


High-grade   Meticulous   Advanced 


Snark has abundant practical experience and mature customer experience.Because of this, 
we can accurately grasp the needs and industry trends, and understand your expectation, 
care about your experience, snark can help you to achieve strategic goals.


character.prop.vehicle.environment  model&texture




+86 138 0351 0327

 Business email [email protected]

Oversea business:[email protected]

Domestic business:[email protected]


Snark is always looking for talented persons. Our project selection always tries to satisfy the 
highest and the best principles, if you join Snark you can quickly experience the first-line game 
production process at home and abroad. Whether you are a senior artist, or just starting, you will 
be able to find your place in Snark. We offer great opportunities for growth and promotion. 
Whatever your ability or level at snark, we will always treat you with respect and reward your 
work. Joining Snark means you join an elite team. If you have a persistent pursuit of art and 
are the person who has the courage to accept the challenge, then you are what Snark needs!

Send application to:[email protected]

recruitment information:updating...



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